Annabel Mednick - Artist - Paintings, Portraits, InstallationsAnnabel Mednick - Artist - Paintings, Portraits, Installations

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      Annabel Mednick - Artist - Paintings, Portraits, Installations, Children, Commissions

I am a figurative artist, based in Ipswich, Suffolk, where I make expressive paintings and portraits full of nuances of light, colour and atmosphere. I work mainly in oil on canvas, in an impasto, highly textured style.

Most recently I have been exploring interiors, the contrast of outside and inside, dark and light, and the contemplation of the lone figure.

In my work I try to capture the intensity and flow of the fleeting moment, the play of the light, and the pleasures, fears and frustrations of everyday life.

My work can be seen at, and is available from, Byard Art, Cambridge; Buckenham Galleries, Southwold; and Pin Mill Studio, Ipswich.

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